Crew (2024) Movie ft. Tabu, Kareena, Kriti

Crew is a fun Indian new movie directed by Rajesh A Krishnan. It stars famous actors like Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon as flight attendants caught in an exciting adventure. With Diljit Dosanjh and Kapil Sharma adding their charm in smaller roles, the movie promises to make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie brings together a talented group both in front and behind the camera. It's a team effort aiming to entertain audiences with its interesting story and colourful characters. With a budget of ₹75 crore, this movie shows off high-quality production and guarantees a fun time for viewers of all ages.

DirectorRajesh A Krishnan
WritersNidhi Mehra, Mehul Suri
ProducersEkta Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor,
Main CastTabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kriti Sanon
CastRajesh Sharma, Saswata Chatterjee,
EditorManan Sagar
ProductionBalaji Motion Pictures,
Release Date29 March 2024
Running Time118 minutes
Budget₹75 crore
Box Office₹149.52 crore


The movie is a great mix of funny moments and thrilling adventures. It stars talented actors like Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon. Directed by Rajesh A Krishnan, the movie tells the story of three flight attendants struggling with money problems because their airline is in trouble. The main actors give awesome performances, making you cheer for them as they go from tough times to triumph.

The story gets exciting with unexpected twists when the flight attendants get involved in smuggling gold secretly. Alongside the action, the movie talks about friendship, staying strong, and fighting for what's right. With a strong cast including Diljit Dosanjh and Kapil Sharma, Crew takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, keeping you entertained and interested until the end.

Cast of Crew Movie

  • Tabu as Geeta Sethi
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan as Jasmine Kohli
  • Kriti Sanon as Divya Rana
  • Diljit Dosanjh as Customs Officer Jaiveer Singh
  • Kapil Sharma as Arun Sethi
  • Rajesh Sharma as Pruthviraj Mittal
  • Saswata Chatterjee as Vijay Walia
  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Jasmine's Nanu
  • Ivan Rodrigues as Divya's Father


Crew tells the story of three flight attendants, Geeta Sethi, Jasmine Kohli, and Divya Rana, who work for Kohinoor Airlines, which is having money problems. They struggle with not getting paid and their money issues, feeling stuck and desperate for a way out. Each of their struggles, like helping family and hiding dreams, makes the story relatable for the audience.

Things get exciting when a senior flight attendant suddenly dies, and the main characters find out about a secret gold smuggling plan run by Mr. Mittal, the airline's HR Head. They get involved in illegal activities, which temporarily solves their money problems. But when the airline goes bankrupt, leaving everyone without pay, they realize the consequences of their actions and the unfairness to their coworkers.

Crew Movie OTT Streaming

Right now, Crew is making people happy in theatres with its exciting story and great acting. If you want to watch the fun and thrills from your couch, the movie will be on popular streaming platforms soon. You can check Vegamovies frequently to know all details about its streaming soon.

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