Maidaan (2024) Hindi Movie

Maidaan is an exciting movie about sports in Hindi. It stars Ajay Devgn as Syed Abdul Rahim, a famous football coach in India from the 1950s and 1960s. The film, directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma, shows Rahim's journey and how he helped Indian football.

Zee Studios, Fresh Lime Films, and a group of producers like Akash Chawla and Boney Kapoor make the movie. They spent a lot of money, about ₹100 crore, to make sure the movie looked great and showed the real football scene from that time. They want people in India and all over the world to enjoy Rahim's story and feel inspired by it.

Genre Biographical Sports Drama
Language Hindi
Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma
Cast Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, Gajraj Rao, Devyansh Tripathi, etc.
Music A. R. Rahman
Release Date April 10, 2024
Running Time 181 minutes
Country India
Budget ₹100 crore
Box Office ₹33.72 crore


Maidaan is a powerful movie that tells the incredible story of Syed Abdul Rahim and his journey in Indian football during the 1950s and 1960s. Ajay Devgn plays Rahim brilliantly, showing his strong determination and leadership.

Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma brings Rahim's story to life with real feelings. The movie shows both the victories of the Indian football team and the personal struggles Rahim faced. With stunning visuals by Tushar Kanti Ray and beautiful music by A. R. Rahman, Maidaan takes you back in time, making you feel the passion and hard work of that era. It's a movie that stays with you even after it's over.


  • Ajay Devgn as Syed Abdul Rahim
  • Priyamani as Saira Rahim
  • Gajraj Rao as Roy Chaudhary
  • Devyansh Tripathi as Syed Shahid Hakim
  • Nitanshi Goel as Rahim's daughter
  • Aayesha Vindhara as Rahim's daughter

Maidaan Box Office Earnings

Despite being a good movie and getting good reviews, Maidaan hasn't done well at the box office in its first week. It didn't earn much money, with only about Rs 1.65 crore on the sixth day, making a total of Rs 25.15 crore. Even on Eid, a big day for movies, it only made Rs 2.6 crore.

The movie cost a lot to make, about Rs 250 crore, and it took longer to finish because of the pandemic and finishing touches. Its poor performance at the box office is worrying because it might not make enough money to cover its costs. They tried to get more people to watch it by lowering ticket prices to Rs 150 in some places, but it didn't help much.


Maidaan is a movie about Syed Abdul Rahim, who played a big role in Indian football. It tells his story from 1952 to 1962 when he changed football in India. Rahim's leadership and ideas helped the Indian football team become really good, so good that they were called the Brazil of Asia.

It talks about how Rahim led the Indian football team to win gold medals at the 1951 and 1962 Asian Games. It also shows how they made history by being the first Asian team to reach the semi-finals of the 1956 Summer Olympics. Despite facing personal problems, Rahim kept going and became a symbol of strength and hope.

OTT Streaming

The movie is currently available in theatres and it will be soon available on OTT platforms after its theatrical streaming. The makers have contracted with Amazon Prime Video for its digital release. So if you have a subscription to Prime Video, then you will be able to enjoy it online. Visit Vegamovies homepage for more such inspiring movies.